About us

ROXENS, a brand originated from Hong Kong where being professional and exquisite is a culture. ROXENS has become the new love of the digital accessories consumers’ life in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia with its ace quality of product and reasonable selling price.

ROXENS has altered the perception which the safest and greatest quality of product costs the high price. ROXENS started with the belief of providing more useful and better quality product with lower price, which has attracted a group of fans. ROXENS is worth having in order to enjoy and love our life.

The Story of ROXENS

To give the joy of life, and grant the richness of it.

The logo of ROXENS is composed of:

(Responsibility + Opportunity) X (Elegance + Nature) = Superiority

Missions of ROXENS:

Responsibility: ROXENS bears the responsibility in expanding business, product safety and caring for one another.

Opportunity: ROXENS provides opportunity of business, meanwhile promotes the principle of dedication in life.

Elegance: The elegance of ROXENS is shaped by its products’ high level of safety and uniqueness.

Nature: The products of ROXENS bring out the uniqueness of humanity, which leads to the nature.

Superiority: ROXENS connects (X) the responsibility & opportunity, and elegance & nature to create an ace corporate brand.

The wave on the “O” of the logo denotes the wave of love is being sent and received mutually in building an environment that is full of love and care. Besides, the “O” shape represents the safety of our products, and our concern to strive for the harmonious social relationship.



Values of ROXENS:

3 values that are implemented to drive ROXENS’ business operation:

  1. Integrity

ROXENS believes that everyone shall have the reliable products and a ‘worry-free’ life. With the trust to oneself, company and the team, ROXENS is creating a highly safe digital entrepreneurial environment with the suppliers, retailers and customers on the platform of integrity.

  1. Strive for the best

ROXENS believes the growth of business is determined on the spirit of striving for the best. By understanding the needs of the customers, ROXENS works together with the manufacturers to produce its products at reasonable price and with promising quality. Products are then being sold to the customers through the retailers. In terms of manufacturing materials and process, ROXENS carefully chooses materials, assures quality, and tests product functionality. After the products are released to the market, ROXENS gets the customers’ feedback through the dealers and distributors. Based on the feedback, ROXENS returns to the birthplace of the products, i.e. the factory, to conduct R&D and further improve quality of the products. Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, ROXENS produces all products with cares while disseminates loves through the products.

  1. Happy to share

The win-win spirit of ROXENS family allows us to share our growth and success. With the caring and loving heart, every member of ROXENS shares every bit of their happiness and success. ROXENS put high concern on the safety of the products to the customers. We share our values in order to build a safe environment of digital accessories.

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