Charger RX838

RX838 USB Power Adaptor (Type C | IOS | Android Micro USB)

Model No:

  • RX838U: micro usb
  • RX838I: for iphone 5/6/7 (free iphone 4 cable)
  • RX838TC: type C


  • Suitable for Tablet | Phone | ipod | PSP | Camera | Smart Watch
  • Dual output:
  • With 1500 mm power cable
  • Fast Charging USB Power Adaptor
  • Include USB Power Port
  • Suitable for all mobile phones & tablets


  • Input: AC 110-240V~50/60Hz, 350mA
  • Single Output (ipad): DC Max 5.0V/2400mA
  • Single Output (Mobile): DC Max 5.0V/500~1000mA
  • Total Output: DC Max 5.0V….2400mA


  • For indoor use only
  • Dry environment use only
  • Do not pull the lead or plug hard
  • Do not take apart or knock the charger
  • Stop using the charger when cover or lead damage
  • When plug into AC power socket, prevent fingers or metal elements from touching the metal plug of the charger